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Cotton Series Ash Grey Contacts
Christina Contreras (Colorado Springs, US)
Cotton Series are my fave!

I have every color of the cotton series (minus dark brown) in a -2.25 prescription & Misaki has yet to disappoint! My favorite color thus far is the ash grey! I’ve been asked countless times if these were my real eyes because they fit perfectly! My eyes are dark brown and this color gives a dramatic change. They are comfy, easy to put in and I like to clean weekly in cleaning solution to extend the wear. I have 2 pairs in this color and 2 in the light brown. Definitely recommend

I like the color.

I look like an anime character because the lenses are so big! But I love that. Lol! Shipping was fast, and I had no problem with my order when it got here.

Favorite Cotton Color

I have all the cotton colors minus dark brown All in prescription -2.25 and they are amazing. There is not a single pair I’ve been disappointed with.

This light brown gives a subtle but noticeable change to my dark brown eyes and I love wearing them! This is my favorite color to wear next to the grey cotton

Cotton Series Cotton Brown Contacts
C.D. (Clarksville, US)
Love love it!

I love how this looks on me. It doesn’t have any dark color on the corners and it complimented my dark eyes so much and it looked lighter. Definitely a confidence booster and looks natural.

All Eyelashes 1
Da'Necia Rosemond (Memphis, US)

I purchased hasex 2 pair of contact and a pair of lashes they looked nTural and long lasting will buy again they are fabulous!

You look really gorgeous, Da'Necia with those lashes! :)

And we are glad that you love them. ❤️-Misaki

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
LaTanya Farmer (Ringgold, US)

I've always wanted colored contacts. But because of my Astigmatism, I was always denied and stuck with clear. I was amazed when I came across the website and that they had contacts for people with Astigmatism. They fit is awesome. The color is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to order another pair in a different color.

Your so gorgeous with those contacts, LaTanya :)

Thank you for your support!

Gorgeous color, on dark brown eyes

These contacts give dark brown/black eyes a color or gray/green, very realistic. reminds you of Tyra Banks, green eyes! Absolutely love them, great to really complete a nice outfit.

Grey - On Dark Brown Eyes

I want to start with I LOVE HOW COMFORTABLE these contacts are, I forgot they were in 3 days in a row (normally my regular contacts get aggravating during the day which prompts me to take them out nightly) so I love them for that. The only reason why I can’t go over 3 stars is because they are marketed as BROWN, but are definitely GREY. I hyped them up prior to getting them and once they arrived I was mocked for looking like Michael Jackson at the end of the Thriller video lol. But I’m absolutely sure once I try a different color (the Natsumi Brown), my next review will be a 6 star-er. Definitely recommended for someone searching for an exotic grey look though.

Cotton Series Brown Contacts for Astigmatism
Karla Hernandez (National City, US)
Natural Look!!

I love the cotton series! I have the brown and they are amazing. I get lots of compliments and I’ve been told that my eyes are striking! Definitely recommend! And I actually have recommended the masakicon brand to my sisters, mom, and coworkers (bc they think they are my real eyes!). You won’t regret buying them. I love grey so hopefully they the grey cotton for astigmatism come back so I can get them!!

Hello Karla,

Thank you for your positive feedback with us.

We really do appreciate it! :)

Best regards,
Misaki ❤️

Beautiful! Great value

This was my first time buying color contacts and I really loved these. They are so fun and are fun change that give me more appreciation for my natural deep brown eyes

Britts Smith (Auckland, NZ)

I was hesistant to wear them at first. They seemed so unnatural and I thought to light for my skin tone.
When I wore them people either said to me I like your eye colour or said there is something different about you but I CAN'T TELL! LOL! So this made me comfortable to wear them. They are soft, breathable, easy to take off and put on, needless to say the colour is great and compliments my darker skin tone well..

Route Package Protection
Thavy Seap (Lethbridge, CA)

i’ve been getting my prescription contacts from here for quite a while now and can’t get enough of them, they are super comfortable and affordable. i highly recommend them! takes about a week or 2 but worth the wait!! cant wait to order again

Dear Thavy,

We're happy that you enjoy our product.

Thanks for your trust, we're thankful for amazing customers like you.

We hope to see you again soon!

Best regards,

I will be ordering more.

It took a while to receive the contact lenses but it worth it. They fit very well to my eye and very comfortable. The color is pretty cute too. I ordered cotton brown and it gives me grayish brown and little green vibes. I can’t wait to get more colors.

Dear Melike,

We're happy that you enjoy our product.

Thanks for your trust, we're thankful for amazing customers like you.

We hope to see you again soon!

Best regards,

Natsumi Blue Colored Contacts
Lauren Neal (Newport News, US)
My first colored contacts

These are really cute. I expected them to be a little bit brighter, but these will do for now. Going to be cosplaying Sailor Mercury at an anime convention soon. ^^

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for your review and your photo is beautiful.

We are thankful to have a customer like you.
We are expecting your next purchase order for another our collections for you.

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I love the way they look and feel. And they last for a long time.

Awesome service

Awesome service and very fast shipping! Absolutely love this store and will buy from in the future..

4 Tone Brown Colored Contacts
Monicka Boyd (Laurel, US)
Beautiful color

I absolutely LOVE the way my eyes look with this color.. Never thought I’d be able to achieve such a natural tone with my dark eyes..

Dark green eyes

It’s definitely green! They make my eyeballs look so big that I was startled at first haha. But I have small Asian eyes so I love the pop. This is my 2nd pairs from Misaki and they’ve also been great. I’ll continue to be a customer. 😊

Cotton Series Sea Breeze Contacts
Tracey Rouse (Detroit, US)
Great buy

Love the way they look when I’m wearing them very natural and comfortable to the eyes.

Natsumi Grey Contacts for Astigmatism
Jessica Mitchell (College Station, US)
Another flawless look

Absolutely loving how well these contacts blend with my dark brown eyes to give them a subtle Grey color 😍

Husky eyes

When I first received these I popped them on and loved them! I felt they definitely looked more gray than brown on me. Then a few friends started to ask if I was wearing two diff lenses because one eye looked more gray and the other more brown. You have to really look at it to notice though but definitely both lenses look different on my eyes so now I just joke and say i’m into the husky look……currently waiting for them to send me new lenses. I do love how they feel and the customer service is fantastic though!

Cotton Series Sea Breeze Contacts
Sandra Ramirez (Anaheim, US)
cotton series contacts

comfortable and look very natural... great buy

Worth it

So I got the astigmatism version because normal lenses move around and give me a slight blur whenever I blink and this solved that. Took more than a month to be made, but once it was shipped, it was really fast. Super comfortable and I could use it daily bc it doesn’t dry out my eyes. I will definitely be ordering more!!! Not a good idea to order though if you’re in a rush and need your lenses soon, probably order 1-2 months prior so you have your contacts on time :) this color makes my eyes look hazel, grey, or blue depending on the lighting.

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Isabel Ramirez (Nampa, US)
Amazing colors

I really like my new contacts I got compliments and they were with astigmatism I can't find that anywhere else so satisfied with the product.

Hello Isabel, thanks for sending us your photo and feedback. Your reviews were highly appreciated. :) - Misaki

Astigmatism cotton brown

I was a little worried they wouldn't fit right but they fit perfectly for my astigmatism!! Sooo excited I finally found beautiful and AFFORDABLE colored contacts for astigmatism! I have natural dark brown eyes for reference.