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great color

one of my favorite of the 4 tone series.


Putting it on and taking it off is so easy/without a mess. i could wear them all day long. loved them... a must-buy!!! :-)

Very reliable and comfy..

Fantastic lenses at a very reasonable price.

Totally recommended!

I had tried different brands but Charcoal Grey feels perfect fit in the eye and does not feel dry until very late having worn them all day. Totally recommended!

I have very nice experience with them. They are worth every penny.

No regrets!!

when i found these i bought them immediately, no regrets!!

Looks so pretty.

My first contact lenses and I am so happy. Looks so pretty.

So natural and perfect for fair skin type.

Feels comfortable

Feels comfortable and looks really pretty. Best lenses I’ve ever come across.

Loved it a lot.

This looks so natural. Loved it a lot.

Very happy!

Awesome, this lens amazing I'm using this and I'm very happy with these lenses.

Best lenses

Gives a natural look to match up to any skin tone.

Natural look

Natural look and my eyes look pretty after wearing.


Make eyes look beautiful and attractive. They are also very comfortable to wear.

Quality is amazing.

I love this lens so much. It gives off a natural look to the eye and the quality is amazing.

Best ever lenses

It's so good that I don't use any other lenses anymore.

Great wonderful contacts!

Great wonderful contacts! I love using green ones. They look so natural a lot of people think that my eye color is actually green!


My favorite colored contacts. Easy to wear and use. I recommend this brand a lot.

I get so many compliments

The color is great. I get so many compliments. They are comfortable on my eyes


These lenses are comfortable and very natural-looking on the eyes!



Comfy, clean, and they stay moist.

Comfy, clean, and they stay moist.

so comfortable!

I love them! They are so comfortable!

Very soft and natural look!

This is great very soft and natural look! Not drying at all you'll forget you even have them on.

very satisfied

Have been using these for years and I am very satisfied with them. Never felt discomfort with them.