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They are nice

The color is dark they are pretty though! I ordered some more but in a whole diff color and series so I’m hoping I love these a little more. The nataumi series I have only had close to 2 months and they dry out in my eyes so fast and have fallen out of my eye quite a few times. But I’m gonna have faith and give the cotton series a try


I have gotten so many compliments on them!! They fit great and they look realistic!! I will now be ordering my contacts from here!!!


Love love love love these, they’re so natural looking, best colored contacts I’ve ever used (my eyes are like BLACK btw)

We are thrilled to hear such good feedback. We are happy you loved our products. Stay beautiful Xavier!


These are absolutely gorgeous! Very natural looking. Definitely not for an all day wear, maybe 4-6 hours at most. But still very fun to wear.

Love these!

Honestly the most comfortable toric lenses I can find and the fact they come in color is just a plus!

We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us Amanda. Stay beautiful!

Love the color difference

Looks amazing! One eye with and one without for comparison

Pretty blue

I loved the color on me!!!!

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Pretty contacts

Pretty contacts, i have really dark brown eyes and they show up really well they look more like green than gray

The best contact lenses

I love this store!!!!
I’m obsessed with my contact lenses.
Also the customer service is excellent.

You looks gorgeous!

Great !!!

I love these contacts they are my first pair of colored contacts and I could not have been happier with my purchase. I am not a contact wearer so they were a bit uncomfortable at first but that is totally normal. They are not that thick and not that thin either. I love these and I totally recommend. The color is amazing and since my eyes are already amber it kind of looks grey or like a brown grey in some pics.

The best color contacts ever!!

I have gotten several pairs of different colored contacts from Misaki and I am in love. Ash gray is by far my favorite and I have gotten so many compliments alone from that color. Thank you so much for creating such great contacts!

Best color ever

I love it. They look super natural and they also stand out with brown or black hair color. Also if you wear lash extensions or false lashes your eyes look beautiful 🤩

Deyanira, We are thrilled to hear such good feedback. We are happy you loved our products. Stay beautiful!


I really like these contacts. They are really cool and I can wear them allday because they are so soft. The price is pretty good also. I used to buy really expensive contacts that hurt when I wore them, but these are way better.

Incredible 🥰

Very satisfied with the quality and service Misaki Cosmetic!!!!

Lens Care Kit Case

Pro series green and blue

These are my absolute favorites.... I have dark brown eyes and they look absolutely stunning! I get tons of compliments all the time

Will buy again!

This was my first time using contacts and I loved them!! My eyes are very dark brown, almost black. The green contacts were comfy and looked natural. The grey ones were nice too, just not as natural. Can’t wait to try new colors 🥰

I wish the color would be more lighter, just green, its a little more on the dark side where you can't tell I'm wearing them unless I'm outside, outside they look nice in daylight. I have astigmatism I wish their would be more color choices just like for people w/out astigmatism.


First pair of contacts that are actually comfortable for a second I forgot I even had them in

Love these

My eyes are dark brown in color and these look so natural on me they are amazing and I love the way the fit will be ordering more soon.

Really Loved It

Can't love these contacts more. My eyes are natural black but I literally can't see my pupil. Misaki is giving you what they are saying. Totally satisfied.


These make my eyes like a dark dragon green color and I have blue eyes I love the change! Also they wear really comfortable instantly adjusted to them the only thing is the astigmatism one tends to float around and be unfocused on and off but that is expected ! I love them!


I love their contacts! I have 2 different colors and they are great I get so many compliments, they are super comfortable and I forget I'm even wearing them

Misakicon color contacts are the best!!! 💖

Misakiicon color contacts are so soft comfortable
I love my color contacts & I’m over 55 yrs old. 💖

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