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Worth it

So I got the astigmatism version because normal lenses move around and give me a slight blur whenever I blink and this solved that. Took more than a month to be made, but once it was shipped, it was really fast. Super comfortable and I could use it daily bc it doesn’t dry out my eyes. I will definitely be ordering more!!! Not a good idea to order though if you’re in a rush and need your lenses soon, probably order 1-2 months prior so you have your contacts on time :) this color makes my eyes look hazel, grey, or blue depending on the lighting.

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Isabel Ramirez (Nampa, US)
Amazing colors

I really like my new contacts I got compliments and they were with astigmatism I can't find that anywhere else so satisfied with the product.

Hello Isabel, thanks for sending us your photo and feedback. Your reviews were highly appreciated. :) - Misaki

Astigmatism cotton brown

I was a little worried they wouldn't fit right but they fit perfectly for my astigmatism!! Sooo excited I finally found beautiful and AFFORDABLE colored contacts for astigmatism! I have natural dark brown eyes for reference.

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Eloísa Elizabeth Martinez (Monterrey, MX)

Wow! By far the best. At first I was very anxious to see if they were going to arrive to my house in (Mexico) and they did. I was very happy with my lenses that I ordered some more in different tones. Can’t wait 😜❤️🥰❤️🙌🏻 Do not overthink and order them!!!

Thanks for that feedback, Eloisa :)

You're so gorgeous!


These are so pretty and comfortable! It gives my natural dark brown eyes a color shift so it looks more of a hazel-gray color and it looks so pretty. I normally have problems with colored toric lenses because of my eyesight, so I normally stick with the clear toric ones. These shift slightly on my eyes (second photo) but once they find their spot/place, you can’t even tell they’re contacts. The downside is the wait but it’s worth it if my eyes could look so pretty (and if it helps my vision)!

Your really pretty indeed! Thanks for sending us a feedback! :)

Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Jenkey Napoli (Las Vegas, US)
I Love the Natural look they give my eyes

Well my eyes are hazel they change between hazel dark brown and sometimes a bluish brown but I love that these contacts are natural so it kind of blends in your eyecolor I don’t like things that stand out I like them to be more natural and these were on point love them


I am very impressed with how natural these look ! I am obsessed with how much of a difference it makes! I took a pics to compare how much of a difference it made! Def will be purchasing more !

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Felicia (Montgomery, US)

Finally able to wear color contacts and have astegmisitim. I was a lil skeptical at first but the day I got my first order I placed another order and I'm about to place another order in a few minutes.


They are very comfortable once they find their spot. Takes a few moments for them to settle in but once they do I can wear them all day and night! Depending on the lighting they can be read as like khaki or grey. I think it also depends on your hair color and makeup. I have extremely dark brown eyes, like practically black…like oops all pupils 😅 and these look amazing on 😍

Wow Sakura, really great transformation. Natural looking.

Cotton Series Ash Grey Contacts
Whitney Henderson (Albuquerque, US)
Pleasantly surprised!!!

Well, i’ve worn contacts for vision correction about exactly half my life. The few times I’ve worn colored contacts, either the prescription was a joke and I was basically blind or the prescription was legitimate but they would be so ridiculously uncomfortable that I would just throw them away! However, it would appear after day 4 of these contacts that I have found the ‘Holy Grail’ of prescription colored contacts 🥰 I love how soft and comfortable they are and I adore the color that completely transforms my medium amber brown eyes! I was so apprehensive after thousands of bad experiences but after a friend tried them, I had to also for myself— seeing is believing, right?! (Pun intended lol!) Best part was: they arrived in 3 days time.Already picking out my new prescription colored contacts riiight now! Thanks Misaki!!! Truly!

Hello Whitney, thanks for that compliment. We really do appreciate it! ❤️

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Crystal Lee (Saint Augustine, US)
Ash grey

I Love my contacts!!

Natsumi Blue Colored Contacts
Ricky Reynolds (Antioch, US)
Great contacts

One of my contacts were messed up on the first order. Another pair was shipped to me in a timely manner and they look amazing! I will be ordering again

Cotton Series Ash Grey Contacts
Cristina Leon-Fuentes (Knightdale, US)
Absolutely love them

They are comfortable and easy to put in and take out, one of my favorite colored contacts. I have natural brown eyes btw

Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Antonio Contreras (Loveland, US)
Pretty contacts

At first glance I wasn't sure how much difference they made but now I can't stop wearing them, they make my eyes look incredible

You look gorgeous!

Diamond Grey Contacts For Astigmatism
Jessica M. (College Station, US)
All I can say is...Wow...

I've had these contacts for about year now and while they are comfortable, I think they give me more of a doll look to my eyes and are less realistic and natural as I prefer. If your looking for something new and bold though these are a must!

We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Stay beautiful Jessica!

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Jessica Lee (College Station, US)
Eyes be poppin'

I have had these 4-tone Grey contacts for about a year now and I always get compliments on my eyes too. Grey is such a dramatic color for me and my skin tone so when I'm wearing them people notice. What I like about these is that not only are they comfortable and perfect for my astigmatism, but most people actually think I have grey eyes!

Jessica, We are thrilled to hear such good feedback. We are happy you loved our products.

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
I'm in love with them!

I just received these and I love them so much, I'm going to go ahead and order some more since I took some time to get these (about a month). I've had color contacts for astigmatism by fresh look long time ago, and my vision was blurry because I could see the color. I can see perfectly clearly with these, and they look amazing! 100% recommend these contact lenses.

Cotton Series Cotton Brown Contacts
Naline Cardona (St. Petersburg, US)
They look amazing!

Love both the color contacts i selected they look so great on me ❤️

They really look gorgeous in you! :)

Cotton Series Brown Contacts for Astigmatism
Christopher Humphrey (Houston, US)

They are very Nice

Pro Series Silver Colored Contacts
Tania (Worcester, US)
Love this color with my hazel eyes

Anyone with dark eyes can basically wear any color and it pops, but it’s so much harder for light eyes. These are my favorite so far, I ordered another pair in another and they are absolutely terrible. These are my go to contacts.

Pro Series Grey Colored Contacts
Leahl Henry (Saskatoon, CA)

I am in love with the silver contacts.. My Order arrived on time.

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Kecia Brooks (Fort Wayne, US)
Love it

I love it it was rite on time and all thanks I love the color my favorite ones I’m going to order more thanks so much

Thanks for sending us the photo. Wow! They're really look good in you, Kecia. Keep safe!

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Karen Efferson (Las Vegas, US)
Love My Contacts!!

Reading the reviews, I knew it would be awhile to receive my contacts, but, OMG, they are so worth the wait! TY, Misaki Cosmetics for allowing me to be able to wear colored contacts again! It’s hard to get, toric astigmatism colored blend contacts. TY! TY! 💋

Wow! You're so gorgeous with the lenses. Thank you for your support! :)


I’ve tried the 4-Toned Hazel color in the past on this website, and this color, despite being brown, shows up a lot brighter and better for me! I get many compliments on whether my eye color is actually natural, or have heard from many that my eye color is really beautiful whilst wearing these, and am always pleasantly surprised!

I am Asian, so my natural eye color is a darker brown and compared to the 4-Toned Hazel series, this Cotton Brown color shows up as a muted green-brown in natural lighting and even through the evening! Couldn’t recommend enough as my favorite color of the Misaki Toric/Astigmatism series!

I’d also like to point out that the customer-service team always does an AMAZING job on notifying you or your order as it may take about a month to arrive (astigmatism lenses need to be custom-created on top of the time to ship the product out), and are wonderfully considerate!

Hello Jaz,

Thank you for sending us the photo of the orders received and sending feed back how our customer service assist you while waiting for your Toric. Have a great day always and keep safe!


4 Tone Hazel Colored Contacts For Astigmatism
Janey Villarreal (Grand Prairie, US)
Love my contacts

I love them

Gorgeous! Thanks for sending your photo and feedback. :) Keep safe always!