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4 Tone Green Colored Contacts
Katrina Campbell (Philadelphia, US)
Stunning and Dazzling

These contacts make your face and complete your look. You don’t even need makeup. Just these contacts, some lashes and gloss and your perfect.

Amazzzziinngg so natural

People think it's my real eyes ! Very comfortable love it

Fabulous colour

My eyes are actually a pale cross between blue and green
So I bought both lenses blue and green

They're stunning..this is the green.ones they look so natural just as if I have lovely deep green eyes.
And I have Astigmatism so even harder to get coloured ones..these are comfy good value and look.amazing highly recommended.

Natsumi Blue Contacts For Astigmatism
Helen warren (Llanelli, GB)
Simply stunning

These lenses look amazing.the colour is so natural.ive had blue from.other suppliers and they look fake these look incredible. They enhance your eyes and they're also extremely comfortable. It's also very difficult to get colour contacts for Astigmatism which I need So I highly recommend Misaki
Thank you.

4 Tone Hazel Colored Contacts
muskan gurm (Montreal, CA)
Its awsom

It look soo natural on my skin tone specially no one can figure out in wearing lens or its my real eye love it

Really comfortable

I have a astigmatism so these contacts are really comfortable for the price

Green Package Protection
Asmaa inarah (Toronto, CA)
Beautiful natural Color

Very light in eyes I love it and the eye power is perfect! Good to wear all day !

really pretty !!

These are sooo pretty. They’re really green in the light, but they just make your eyes look cute in dim lighting. Got me looking like 🥺🥺 all the time. I ordered May 29th and received my order July 13th ! These lenses are more comfortable than my clear ones I buy from Acuvue. They don’t slip and move around and the prescription is perfect!

Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Christine Diesing (St Louis, US)
Beautiful Blue

I don't recognize myself. They are awesome.

Blends Nicely 🤗

My eyes are a very dark brown so I was excited to see that these contacts showed up and brightens my eyes. 😁 I have bought multiple pairs because I like them so much. My coworkers think they are my natural eye color 😅.

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The Cotton Series Brown Contacts 🥰🔥

I love these didn’t have any problems with them at all! I will be ordering more!🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your Review you wrote on us, we really appreciate it.

We are so happy that you love Our Astigmatism Contact lenses we made.

We would love to make you 2 pairs of Astigmatism lenses on your prescription with only USD 60 (based on the color you choose) as a compliment.

Please kindly let us know if you like to have it and we will send you the invoice.

Thank you for being our loyal customer and we will try our best to serve you better.


Cotton Series Ash Grey Contacts
Asmaa inarah (Toronto, CA)
I love it best color contacts I have !

I just wish they came in my prescription which is -0.5 . Otherwise I love it so much people think it’s my eyes!

Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Diana Holguin (Abilene, US)

These are the best contacts ever!! Pretty blue !! I will be purchasing more!! Very comfortable !!


I get so much attention and attract many. I love these ones the best including the other ones I have tried this is my best and favorite.

4 Tone Honey Colored Contacts
Naomi Lopez (Glendale, US)
They're super comfortable!

I'd definitely buy these again

Cotton Series Brown Contacts for Astigmatism
Bobie Noval (Harker Heights, US)
Absolutely beautiful

Will order again

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Jessica Hupp (Columbus, US)
4 tone gray contacts for astigmatism’s

I’m very happy with the purchase of my contacts! Misaki is the only place that I could find colored contacts for my astigmatism’s! The color pops in my eyes and is very pretty and bold! I give Misaki colored contacts for astigmatism’s 5 stars!!!! I can’t wait until they come out with more colors to choose from.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful color and looks so natural. I’ve been getting so many compliments, so I am definitely buying more pairs of this color. It took over a month to get here, but it’s worth it.

Green Package Protection
Claudia Garcia (Chula Vista, US)
Loved 💕💗💕💗💗

I Love them 🥰 my color contacts

Cotton Series Cotton Brown Contacts
Rima Renee (Bloomington, US)
God send!

I got two boxes and they are just perfect. Purchased the cotton series brown contacts. I got my prescription and was skeptical but everything went smoothly I can definitely see out of them. Can’t wait to restock!

Cotton Series Cotton Brown Contacts
Veronica Finch (St Louis, US)
Love these

I love these

Amazing Color 😍

Makes your makeup pop up more 💕

50% Off Honey Colored Contacts - 4 Tone Honey Color
Lavelle Stewart (Los Angeles, US)

50% Off Honey Colored Contacts - 4 Tone Honey Color

Cotton Series Snow White Contacts
Christina Contreras (Colorado Springs, US)
Love Cotton Series

Cotton series is my fave. I love that Misaki does prescription in any color. The Snow White is easily my favorite to wear when going to the gym or a day where I’m just running errands. Fits perfectly. Pics of my natural eye color and eyes with cotton Snow White

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Jenny Quijano (San Pedro, US)
4 tone grey contacts

Absolutely gorgeous! ❤️ These contacts are amazing. They are extremely comfortable and the color just makes your eyes pop. I get compliments all the time on my dreamy eyes now lol. Totally recommend. I already placed my second order and can't wait. The more you buy the better the deal gets. I'm very happy with my purchase.