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Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Wanda Williams (Bangor, US)
Love my new contacts

I was very pleased with my entire order and absolutely love my new contacts!

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
Artina Dougi (Kayenta, US)
Great color over dark eyes

So glad I found your company now I can have color eyes for my dark eyes

Glad to hear that! :) And we thank you for that valuable feedback.

Very pretty

These look quite natural imo. I have naturally hazel green and brown eyes and these contacts really bring out the green. So pretty!

That's truly amazing. :) Thank you for your trust with us.

Big green eyes

Actually this is the best toric lenses that I tried, it is more comfortable than my other brand's non-colored lenses. I have dark brown eyes, so it is not very bright green on me. However, it covers my eyes beautifully and it looks like I have naturally big dark green/hazel eyes. I am in love with them.

Gorgeous! That looks good on you :)

So natural!

I suffer from astigmatism and I was having a hard time looking for natural looking colored contacts with such high prescription and I finally found what I was looking in this shade cotton brown! I wish they had more colors 😭 I’m obsessed 🤩


It took forever to get here but was worth the wait, so fun to be able to wear colored contacts with my prescription. Will order again!

4 Tone Gray Contacts for Astigmatism
S.P. (San Bernardino, US)
Love it!

At first i was not getting my hopes up for colored Astigmatism contacts to workout. But, was i wrong love the contacts and the color is nice and vibrant. The contacts will feel off at first like something is in your eye like a stuck eyelash. But, a few min it’ll likely feel like nothing. This will be my main to go website to buy colors Astigmatism contacts. 🧡

You look amazing, Sandy! :) Thanks for supporting us.


Loving the way this looks on me! Not too light not too dark. Gotten many compliments. Not the best picture but hey.. I’m not photogenic. :)

Cotton Series Ash Grey Contacts
Michelle Griffin (Smyrna, US)
My favorite!!

They are very comfortable and super prettyy!

WOW! We are so happy that you love it

Beautiful cotton color

These contacts did wonders to my already light brown color eyes, I just wanted to enhance my eyes a little brighter and these contacts did just that. Please color goes well with my complexion.

You look stunning, Ms. Peaches :)

Awesome for concerts!

I recently wore mine for a kpop concert and it was comfortable the entire time. I was worried about buying prescription contacts online but I would do it again cause it looked so good in photos.

You look really amazing! :)

Beautiful lenses

Everyone thinks it’s my natural eye color though my real color is black.

It's very beautiful on your eyes :)

Route Package Protection
Zeporah Butler (Florissant, US)

Love love love

You Look Gorgeous!

Really pretty

I have medium brown eyes and these contacts look like a greenish grey on them, which I love. They were a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes on my eyes, but adjusted to my eyes well. Also, as far as vision, it's completely clear. Customer service is also amazing!! They respond really quick if you have any concerns, I messaged them a lot through Facebook. They process and ship faster than many other companies doing colored torics. Overall great experience with these guys :)

Thank you for your Compliment. You look cool!

Best colored contacts

I receive compliments on my eyes ever since I started wearing these contacts. I was always told by my doctor that I could not get colored contacts because of my astigmatism and I found this website, read the reviews and instantly ordered. I’m glad I did! Also they’re very comfortable and soft and they don’t irritate my eyes. Definitely ordering some more!

We're happy you had a fantastic time with us!

And the contacts really look good in you.

4 Tone Green Colored Contacts
Katrina Campbell (Philadelphia, US)
Stunning and Dazzling

These contacts make your face and complete your look. You don’t even need makeup. Just these contacts, some lashes and gloss and your perfect.

Amazzzziinngg so natural

People think it's my real eyes ! Very comfortable love it

You are so beautiful

Fabulous colour

My eyes are actually a pale cross between blue and green
So I bought both lenses blue and green

They're stunning..this is the green.ones they look so natural just as if I have lovely deep green eyes.
And I have Astigmatism so even harder to get coloured ones..these are comfy good value and look.amazing highly recommended.

Natsumi Blue Contacts For Astigmatism
Helen warren (Llanelli, GB)
Simply stunning

These lenses look amazing.the colour is so natural.ive had blue from.other suppliers and they look fake these look incredible. They enhance your eyes and they're also extremely comfortable. It's also very difficult to get colour contacts for Astigmatism which I need So I highly recommend Misaki
Thank you.

4 Tone Hazel Colored Contacts
muskan gurm (Montreal, CA)
Its awsom

It look soo natural on my skin tone specially no one can figure out in wearing lens or its my real eye love it

Really comfortable

I have a astigmatism so these contacts are really comfortable for the price

Route Package Protection
Asmaa inarah (Toronto, CA)
Beautiful natural Color

Very light in eyes I love it and the eye power is perfect! Good to wear all day !

really pretty !!

These are sooo pretty. They’re really green in the light, but they just make your eyes look cute in dim lighting. Got me looking like 🥺🥺 all the time. I ordered May 29th and received my order July 13th ! These lenses are more comfortable than my clear ones I buy from Acuvue. They don’t slip and move around and the prescription is perfect!

Pro Series Blue Colored Contacts
Christine Diesing (St Louis, US)
Beautiful Blue

I don't recognize myself. They are awesome.

Blends Nicely 🤗

My eyes are a very dark brown so I was excited to see that these contacts showed up and brightens my eyes. 😁 I have bought multiple pairs because I like them so much. My coworkers think they are my natural eye color 😅.

Hello Michelle,

We're happy you had a fantastic time with us!

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