Cotton Series Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses | Vibrant Colors with No Outer Rings or Lines!

  • Vibrant Color without Rings or Lines: Cotton series contacts are a favorite for top makeup artists because of their stunning color and lack of telltale outer rings and corner lines. Are they natural or contacts? It'll be your secret!
  • Meticulously Created: All MISAKI colored contact lenses are formed with care using superior-quality materials in state-of-the-art contact lens manufacturing facilities, with customer satisfaction the topmost priority.
  • Comfortable & Safe: Always constructed with eye-sensation and safety in mind -- examined by specialists and tested for comfort, these lenses feel good with no irritation according to most users.
  • Bold & Economical Aesthetic Enhancement: Changing eye color can be subtle or drastic, and it’s always a big way to make a beautiful change. It’s also cost-effective as the lenses last for up to 90 days -- and you can try new shades each time for a low investment.
  • Helpful Satisfaction Guarantee: Feel confident trying MISAKI Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses knowing that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied. If something doesn’t suit or feels uncomfortable, please contact customer support as soon as possible, and we will give excellent service to ensure 100% satisfaction.
MISAKI’s splendid, wide selection of Cotton series cosmetic colored contact lenses are available in brown, silver, gray, blue, green, violet, and more. These are our customers’ all-time favorite shades and they look absolutely stunning against backdrops of beautiful bare faces or fully made-up glamour eyes. Our vast assortment of options includes non-prescription colored contacts and prescription colored contacts for every wearer’s needs. There are stand-out options with jaw-dropping designs and sparkles, as well as more natural-looking colored eye contacts, like those in our newest line: the Cotton Series. They are currently the most popular options worldwide for make-up artists and rated as ‘best colored contacts’ among many enthusiasts for their fused-color look that has no outer rings or corner lines. They blend right into the user's eye colors, looking oh-so-natural and bold. Some wearers have a large collection of colored eye contacts and base their choice each day on their plans & mood! It’s fun that way -- why not give it a try, too? These are some outrageously beautiful eye looks you’ll want to wear regularly. All the compliments you'll get are a nice bonus, too!