Sakura Series Colored Contacts

Sakura Series Cosmetic Contact Lenses | Flowery Pattern for Sparkle & Depth

  • Sakura Series Lenses are lighter lenses ideal for wearing over darker eyes.
  • Flowery pattern adds sparkle & depth.
  • 5mm diameter makes eyes appear larger
  • Blends from the intense outer ring to your natural eye color in the center.
  • Enjoy worldwide shipping on us!

Sakura Series Contact Lenses are a favorite in the cosplay community! With a 14.5mm diameter they make eyes appear bigger. The intense outer ring, paired with a flowery mid-ring pattern, gives a sense of sparkle and depth! Sakura lenses offer the most impact on darker colored eyes. Customers with lightly colored eyes will see a more subtle shift and may prefer our Natsumi Series options.

All Sakura lenses are durable enough for 30-days of wear! Enjoy for a month with daily (or nightly) breaks for cleaning and care. We ship worldwide for FREE on orders of all sizes. And, of course, Sakura lenses and all Misaki products are supported by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are proud to manufacture top quality lenses that are light, comfortable, and safe for you to enjoy all day!