4 Tone Dazzling Colors Colored Contacts

4-Tone Dazzling Color Contact Lenses | Our Most Dynamic, Yet Natural Looking Lenses!

  • Dynamic Color & Design for Vibrant Eyes
  • 4-Colors Fused into a Single Lens
  • Designed to wear over dark eyes for maximum impact
  • 8 Gorgeous color options
  • Available with prescriptions, too!

The most advanced design in modern cosmetic contacts is here! Our 4-Tone Dazzling color contact lenses are uniquely dynamic, vibrant, and natural looking. This has been achieved by layering four colors into a single lens with a technique called “the sandwich method.” A pattern of fine lines on the outer ring creates a seamless appearance over your eyes for a sharp, yet natural effect. 4-Tone lenses are available in 8 gorgeous color options all optimized for customers with darker natural eye colors. Those with lighter eyes may prefer our 2-Tone or Natsumi series.

Order your 4-Tone Dazzling contacts with confidence, thanks to the Misaki 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our lenses are always safe, breathable, and oh-so-comfortable. You’ll forget you’re wearing them...until the compliments start rolling in!