Grey Colored Contacts

11 Questions to Ask Before You Order your Grey Contact Lenses

Being able to choose your eye color: you might have only dreamed of doing this, but these days, it's now 100% possible. Thanks to colored contacts, you are able to choose from a rainbow of colors to change up your look, be noticed and let your best self shine brightly. The only difficult part of this process? Choosing just which color to go with! While many may initially associate specific colors with 'popping,' like bright blue or green, more people are actually opting for a more subtle yet just as alluring color: gray. Gray is an uncommon natural eye color, making it particularly noticeable by others. Even better, the subtle color isn't too drastic; rather, it's inviting and can match just about any outfit. Before going for the purchase of these awesome colored contacts, take a look at the following questions so you can approach your buy knowledgeable and prepared:

1. What are colored contacts?

You may be wondering what exactly colored contacts are. Colored contacts can serve up to two purposes. Firstly, they work to help correct different types of potential vision issues, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Secondly, and most commonly, they change the appearance of one's eye color. Not only are you able to completely change your eye color, but you can also find colored contacts that enhance your natural eye color or make your eyes brighter. Either way, the FDA (or The United States Federal and Drug Association) labels contacts as 'medical devices' and requires all individuals receive a prescription from an eye doctor before purchase.

2. Which colored contacts are safe?

Another big question that often comes up when considering contacts: which ones are safe? There is a specific guideline to follow when finding safe colored contacts, including gray ones. Firstly, you will need an eye doctor to examine your eyes in order to find the right fit for you. If you purchase those that are too small or too big, you will find yourself quite uncomfortable! Additionally, since they are an FDA device, the purchase of contacts in a non-medical related place can lead to discomfort and potential allergic reactions in the eye or decreased vision. If you follow these two vital steps, you will guarantee that you are receiving safe contacts.

3. What Grey contacts should I get?

When it comes to settling on which specific contacts to purchase, you will need to decide which shade of gray you would like to go for. Different shades will have different amounts of gray that will match natural eye colors better than others. For example, if you have a naturally dark eye color such as brown, you may want to consider a lighter gray color to complement them. On the other hand, those with naturally bright eyes will want to choose a darker gray hue, such as charcoal gray. In addition, you can choose a one, two or three tone look with your contacts. Two or three tone contacts may have an additional dash of white or yellow in their color with grey, popular with those who want to mix up their look as much as possible!

4. Which grey color contact lenses are the most comfortable?

As with all other aspects of contact buying, the level of comfort will depend on the kind of eyes you have. For instance, if you often suffer from dry eyes, you will want to look for contacts that have a high-water contact, ensuring your eyes remain moist with gray lenses. Conversely, if you have astigmatism, you will want to look for contacts that have specified curves and sphere levels. An appointment with your eye doctor will let you know which kind of contact lenses will be the most comfortable for your eyes.

5. Which grey contact lenses are best?

The best gray eye colored contacts are the ones that provide the most comfort and value at a reasonable price. What makes a particular contact brand successful are the benefits to the wearer it gives. Before buying, look into the features of the contacts: are there any comfort features, such as extra moisture or oxygen to provide comfort? Are the contacts soft or durable? How long do they last, and how often must they be cleaned? The best contacts will address these questions, and therefore you should only opt for them!

6. Which grey color lenses look most natural?

Those who want to get gray eye contact lenses but don't want to get anything too extreme should opt for more naturally gray colors. These include navy gray, blue-gray, or green-gray. The mix between these colors will add a familiar feel to this subtle color. Darker colors have a higher chance of having a more unnatural look, but are good for those who like a more drastic change.

7. How long do colored contacts last?

Another general question many ask before ordering colored contacts is just how long they last. The answer is that it really depends on the brand you are buying. Some colored contacts can last an entire year; others are just for one-time use. Moreover, how long your contacts will last will also depend on some other factors, including your hygiene practices when it comes to wearing them. It's recommended that you remove contact lenses at least twice a week to clean them, and don't wear them overnight or for prolonged periods without cleaning them.

8. Why order grey circle lenses?

Of course, the ultimate question when it comes to colored contacts: why even bother? Most people order colored contacts for the feeling that wearing them provides. Changing up your eye color will get you noticed, talked about and admired by others. If you want to try gray colored contacts but aren't sure about the full commitment, you can try the daily use lenses out for one night and see how you feel. They are perfect for attending a special event, a big night out or a hot date!

9. How much do grey colored contacts cost?

Like with all types of contacts, the cost of gray colored eye contacts will depend on which brand and type you go for. Furthermore, color eye contacts are typically more expensive than regular contacts, as they offer an additional service than standard contacts with the ability to change your eye color. That being said, the cheaper end of color contacts start at about $25 and can go up to several hundred dollars for high-end brands, leaving room for plenty of options.

10. Where do I buy grey color contacts?

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to buy color contact lenses. These days, many people buy their contacts online through lens and contacts-focused websites. This option is the most popular due to the ease and option for quick delivery without having to leave the house. Alternatively, other people make their purchase at their local drugstores that usually sell a good amount of colored contacts. Some eye doctor officers also sell contacts directly in their offices through partner brands.

11. When should I order grey contacts?

Lastly, you may ask: When is the best time to buy gray color contacts? The answer? Anytime! Color contacts can benefit your life in a matter of ways. They can add spark to your social life or relationship, making them great talking points for parties. Alternatively, they can help with your self-confidence as you get to look how you always dreamed you could, which can help with many other areas of your life, such as in work or with your studies. Any time is the best time to begin your new and exciting life!

Gray contact lenses are an excellent choice for both first-timers and long-timer contact wearers alike. Gray is a popular color with individuals, including many celebrities, due to its subtle appeal and the color's ability to blend with many different natural hair colors, as well as other facial features. Finding the right contact lenses for all will involve a trip to the eye doctor, who can recommend the best option for you in terms of vision, comfort and benefits. Buy grey contacts for a brand new and fresh you!