Blue Colored Contacts

11 Questions to Ask Before You Order Blue Colored Contacts Online

Color contacts, once considered a novelty, are quickly becoming one of the most popular and creative ways to express your personal style. Sometimes, putting together the perfect outfit isn't quite enough to show the world just who you are that day. Your signature style can reach new levels with the addition of gorgeous blue colored eye contacts.

What are blue color contacts?

Like regular prescription contacts, which you might already be used to wearing, color contacts are flexible, tinted lenses that fit comfortably over the round iris and pupil area of the eye. The contacts are held in place by the eye's natural aqueous solution. The blue tinted area floats on top of your natural iris, creating the enchanting illusion that your iris has changed color. The lenses can add a bit of blue shading to your natural hue, or change your eye color into a bright, electrifying blue. There are shades of blue to be found everywhere in between.

Are blue colored lenses safe to wear?

Yes. You might be familiar with some urban legends about the safety of wearing colored contact lenses. Though sketchy contact purveyors still exist, it's the 2020's now, and colored lenses have come a long way. These days it's easy to do some research on the web and learn which online stores are trustworthy and have excellent customer reviews. If you're purchasing your contacts from a reputable source, you can be sure they were manufactured and packaged in a totally sterile environment. The lenses from such sources will be gentle on your eyes, and you'll have no problems with discomfort. If you have any issues, a good company will be transparent when answering all your questions. There's no need to feel hesitation about trying colored lenses for the first time if you know you're buying from a well-established online store.

Why order blue color contacts?

Color lenses aren't just for Halloween anymore. In short, blue lenses are the one of the most trendy and aesthetically striking ways you can enhance your look right now. They're a must-have accessory. Fun and easy to wear, they can add new life to your already established aesthetic. If you're willing to try something new and stay on top of current trends, popping in some blue lenses are a great way to do that. You'll probably wonder where they've been all your life.

Where do I buy blue contact lenses?

It's possible to order prescription blue eye contacts from an optometrist. Most private and corporate optometrists have tinted options for you. An optometrist can order blue contacts for you if you already have a contact lens prescription on file. It's relatively affordable and quick to take an eye exam for contacts if you need one. The prescription variety lenses distributed by optometrists tend to be closer to natural blue contact lenses, but if you want something more daring, they can most likely order it. You can order blue contacts online from a number of sources. Some will require a prescription, and others won't. Some sell both prescription and non-prescription lenses all in the same place. Ordering online is the most popular way to purchase them.

Which blue colored contact lenses are the best?

There are so many options out there, ranging from subtly cute to utterly fantastic! Take the time to figure out what you want, and then search for well-known brands that people trust. You can find a wealth of product reviews from influencers, Youtubers, and even cosplayers. Take some time and do some digging on the web; it will be worth it. Taking an honest assessment of your personal style and researching top-reviewed brands will point you in the right direction.

Which blue contacts should I get?

This depends on the look you're going for. Searching for the perfect pair (or multiple pairs) of blue color lenses online can open the door to surprising array of options. Take your time. Do you want to startle and amaze, or do you want to gently transform your natural color? If you want to do both, grab a couple pairs and alternate depending on your mood.

What types of colored contacts are there?

Regular colored lenses are contact lenses that are designed to add color to your natural eye color, or change the color completely. These can be prescription or non-prescription. The circle lens is a new, trendy type of contact lens that changes not only the color of your iris but also the size. These lenses have a larger tinted area than the average contact, including a colored circle that goes around the iris, making it appear larger. They were first used for dramatic costuming, and are making their way into popular fashion currently.

How much do blue contact lenses cost?

The only certainty is that colored lenses are more expensive than non-colored lenses. People who enjoy wearing color contacts, however, are generally glad to pay a bit extra for the their style enhancing powers. The price of colored lenses varies wildly. This is going to depend on the brand of lenses you want, and how frequently you want to wear them, among other factors. A box of prescription colored contacts can range in price from $38.00/box for daily disposables, to upwards of $100.00 for longer wear lenses in larger quantities. These are for people who need vision correction, and plan on wearing them on a regular basis. For costume purposes, single pairs of colored lenses start around $20.00/pair. That price goes up the more dramatic, deep, detailed, or high-quality you want your contacts to be.

How do I buy blue color contact lenses?

Once you've done your research, gotten your prescription from an optometrist (if necessary), and you've decided on your preferred look and brand, it's time to buy your lenses. Order online from a trusted retailer with positive reviews. Hold your breath until they arrive, wear them to your next event, and get ready to get noticed!