Prescription colored contacts

9 Questions to Ask Before You Order Colored Contacts With Prescription

Generally, prescription color contact lenses are a thin blend of lenses worn directly above the eye to help with visual problems. In recent years, the use of contact lenses has been increasingly rising, replacing glasses. Colored contact lenses are commonly preferred because they offer medical assistance while at the same time, ensuring you look beautiful. Additionally, they are more comfortable and flexible compared to glasses. There are various colored lenses you could choose from, with colors ranging from red, black, green, and many more. Colored lenses ensure you get to maintain your fashion style, and you still get to see the world.

1. Are Prescription Colored Lenses Safe?

Prescription colored contact lenses are safe to wear on any occasion, be it a sunny or a rainy day. However, several measures should be taken to avoid any problems. Contact lenses should repeatedly get cleaned using antibacterial soap, after which you should rinse them with a fresh cleaning solution. Tap water should not get used in the cleaning because it will not adequately disinfect the lenses, which may cause an eye infection. Moreover, it is also advisable to replace your contact lenses every three months. When wearing lenses, you should avoid smoky and dusty areas as they irritate the eyes, leading to infections. Your storage case should also be kept clean at all times, and it would be best if you keep it in a cool, dry place away from humidity. It would also help to clearly label you cleaning solutions to avoid mixing them up when cleaning. In most cases, people use names they easily relate to.

2. What Prescription Color Lenses Should I Get?

There are numerous options for contact lenses to choose from, depending on your circumstances and visual problems. Different prescribed lenses are designed in unique ways to meet your expectations. Bifocal lenses are excellent if you are suffering from either near or farsightedness because they consist of two lenses. Progressive lenses are also an ideal type that corrects both near, middle, and farsightedness. This design is advantageous since it contains no visible transition zone making it very comfortable for you. Another recently emerging type of lens is the prism contact lenses that remedy heterophoria. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, you can select lenses that match your fashion sense, making you look stylish on every occasion.

3.Which Colored Contacts are The Most Comfortable?

Most colored contact lenses with prescription have a design to offer maximum comfort to your eyes, but some lenses are more comfortable. Most opticians have approved soft contact lenses as the most comfortable. These lenses are made from porous flexible plastics that gently cover your eyeballs while still allowing for the passage of air. Disposable contact lenses are also very comfortable. However, they need replacement daily, making them a little costly. Extended wear lenses are a great option if you are looking for comfort, and they can be worn overnight without any strain while sleeping.

4. What Color Contact Lenses Look Natural?

The main reason that led to the discovery of colored lenses was to have a natural look while still getting optical enhancement. Ideally, there are several options for colored prescription contacts that guarantee a natural look. For starters, brown-colored glasses are a common choice if you are going for a natural look. Their brown color blends well with the eye cornea, making it indistinguishable. Blue toned colored lenses also offer a classy natural look while at the same time remaining unique. Additionally, black lenses have an attractive natural look. They share the same color as the eyes' pupil, and they have gained tremendous popularity among middle-aged women over the years.

5. How Long Do Contact Lenses Last?

Colored prescription contact lenses may have different usage periods, depending on their purpose and materials used in their manufacturing process. Hard lenses are made from stiff plastics, and they could last for up to three months. Softer lenses have a recommended usage of two to five weeks before they need replacement. Disposable colored lenses are the most frequently replaced since they can only get worn for several days. In truth, the degree of maintenance and hygiene you keep with your lenses significantly contributes to how long they last. Therefore, opticians suggest frequent cleaning of your lenses to increase their usage period and prevent infections.

6. Why Buy Colored Prescription Contacts?

People who have been using glasses before may often wonder why they should start using colored lenses. Generally, lenses are the full package because they come with numerous benefits, initially not offered by glasses. Firstly colored lenses provide a uniquely attractive appearance that perfectly fits your fashion sense and style, sending a bold statement. Additionally, contact lenses are relatively stress-free on rainy days as water droplets will not blur your vision compared to when using glasses. Besides, lenses do not get cloudy whenever you are in hot areas. The strain on the ears linked with glasses is no longer a problem since lenses are incredibly comfortable and relaxing compared to regular glasses.

7. How Much are Prescription Coloured Contacts?

The cost of prescription contacts may vary according to the type you want to get. Prices range from $40 to $90 depending on their type and the place you buy them. Contact lenses get packed in half a dozen boxes rather than being sold individually. Primarily, colored contact lenses are slightly more expensive than standard lenses since the tinting process increases their manufacturing cost. Moreover, it will cost you more bucks if you want your contact lenses customized to your specifications. Besides that, there are special effect lenses available, however, at an additional cost. Visit our stores to learn more about the price of different contact lenses.

8. Where to Buy Prescription Colored Lenses?

It is possible to buy prescription color contacts online. However, it would help if you were extremely careful when purchasing prescription colored contacts online to avoid getting scammed or getting the wrong pair. Please choose a reliable and excellent seller like us, for instance.