Natsumi Series Colored Contacts

Natsumi Series Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses | Add a Mysterious Glow to that Gleam in Your Eye!

  • For light eyes: All Natsumi Contacts are designed to create dramatic change over lighter colored eyes and much more subtle shifts over dark eyes.
  • Intense Outer Ring Blends Seamlessly: The Natsumi Series features intense color on the outer ring that seamlessly blends into your own eye color, without tell-tale lines to reveal the contacts.
  • Create a Smoky or Misty Look: The single intense tone of the contacts blending into the natural color of your eye adds a gorgeous mysterious glow that elevates any look.
  • Big, Beautiful Eyes: Natsumi series lenses make the eyes appear bigger for that Disney princess pop!
  • 30-Day Disposable: Natsumi Series contacts are disposables that, with nightly care, can be enjoyed daily for up to 30 days.

 Natsumi lenses offer bold, mysterious, can’t-miss drama. Eyes will truly pop, thanks to the intense color of the outer ring, which makes eyes appear bigger and brighter. Make-up artists love these contacts for costume looks as well as to elevate a specialty eye makeup. The outer ring of color seamlessly transitions into your own natural eye color for a unique and artistic aesthetic.

Like all of our lenses, we’ve designed Natsumi contacts to be safe, comfortable, and of the highest quality. Choose purely cosmetic lenses or order with your own prescription, it’s easy! And, of course, we’ll stand behind all of our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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