2 Tone Circle & Emotions Colored Contacts

2-Tone Series Cosmetic Contact Lenses | Intense Outer Ring Enhances Eye Size

  • Deep colors designed for light eyes.
  • 2 Colors Combine for Dramatic Effect
  • Intense outer color makes eyes look bigger.
  • Central color really pops!
  • 2-Tone lenses available in Prescription or Non.

 The bold look of 2-Tone lenses from Misaki is thanks to the unique sandwich method in which we fuse two colors. 2-Tone lenses are perfect for users with light colored eyes seeking a dramatic look that pops! These are the perfect party-going or special occasion lenses as they are intense without obvious transitions. The outer ring of our 2-tone lenses is intense and dark to make the eye look bigger, and fuses into a bright pop of color in the center.

Our 2-Tone series lenses come in a variety of dynamic colors you’re sure to love! Users with darker eyes may prefer our 4-Tone or Pro Series for a more dramatic color change.

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