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12 Questions to Ask Before You Order Halloween Contacts

It's almost that time of year again when the thrilling horrors of Halloween. Need a little extra flair for your spooky costume this year? Then try out a pair of monstrously colored contacts that are specifically designed for the die-hard fans of Halloween. Colored contacts are safe to wear and come in all kinds of colors and designs. Having a cool Halloween contact lens will be sure to impress and terrify your friends this year. Have a few questions about them before you give it a try? Here is a list of the most common questions asked about them.

1. What Are Halloween Contacts?

These contacts are color, and chaotic contact lenses are designed to go with any monster costume. They range from wild to tame, so there's always an option for you to choose from to fit your costume choice. Want an eerie green color for your witch costume, or maybe you're looking for a bright gold to go as a werewolf? You can even get that colors your whole sclera for an even spookier look to find the best Halloween contact lenses for your costume.

2. What Are The Different Types Of Halloween Contact Lenses?

There are many different types of colored contact lenses to choose from. If you want a scary spectacular look, then choose one that colors your whole sclera red for a demon look. You can also choose something a little more tame, like a soft orange iris-colored contact to help fit into the spirit of Halloween. You can even get some colored contacts with spooky imprints on them like spiderwebs. The possibilities are endless.

3. What Stores Sell Colored Contacts For Halloween?

Most drug stores sell cheap contact lenses for Halloween in the costume section of the store. If you want better quality ones, then look for a legitimate costume store in your area. Stores like this can be a gamble if they don't require you to buy contacts with a prescription, but that's up to you to decide. You can also try searching online. There are also numerous online store options that sell spectacular contacts for Halloween. You may even find more options online so take a look. Like with any store, you need to make sure that you are buying from a dependable retailer. If not, you could run into problems.

4. Where To Buy Safe Halloween Contacts?

Drug stores that sell contacts for Halloween may not be the best option if you want something of better quality. This isn't saying that drug store brands are bad, but if you're going to be putting the accessory in your eye, then it's best to have better quality material. Most reputable eye accessory stores will require you to have a prescription. This is the best option. Check the brand first and foremost to make sure it is reputable. If you're still not satisfied then it may be a good idea to dish out more cash to a more dependable store or brand name. Check the repute of online stores too. Reading reviews is a good indicator of finding spam products. Make sure you get your Halloween contacts with fast shipping to get them on time this year. The safest way to get colored contact lenses is to go to your optometrist and receive a prescription. Proper care needs to be taken to make sure your eyes are kept safe and clean when using these exotic eye accessories. Drug store-bought ones may increase the probability of eye problems.

5. Are Colored Contacts For Halloween Safe?

Yes! Colored contacts are as safe as any other contact lens when properly taken care of. Some lenses can even last days after the first use as long as you take care of them according to the manufacturing instructions. The safety of the contact lens also depends on the material used so don't be afraid to pay more if you feel a cheap product is unsafe. Halloween contact lens safety is very important for your eyes. that's why the product usually comes with a set of instructions to follow. Failure to follow these instructions could lead to infections, blindness, and other eye problems. The only horror stories you want are the ones told on Halloween. Ask your eye doctor if wearing these eye accessories is right for you. You may be able to get a personal prescription

6. How To Get Prescription Halloween Contacts?

You may want to dress up as a bat for the party, but you sure don't want to be blind like one. The safest way to get contact lenses is to visit your eye doctor for an exam. Even if you don't have any eye problems, the fitting will allow your doctor to prescribe your spooky new eye accessory. Most quality stores that sell colored contact lenses for costumes will require you to have a Halloween contact lenses prescription before you buy anything. It's best to let your doctor know if you have any eye problems beforehand so that they are aware of what to prescribe you. If you have bad eyesight or any other problems, your doctor will be able to advise you on what to do or prescribe Halloween contacts for astigmatism and other problems so you don't have to feel left out this Halloween night.

7. How To Put Halloween Contacts in?

Most manufacturers give you an instruction sheet on how to put in a Halloween contact lens. Like with most contacts, you need to make sure the contact is moist so as not to irritate the eye. Gently hold it on your finger and slowly place it on the eye. If any irritation occurs, immediately take it out to avoid any further problems. Full sclera contact lenses may be a bit harder to put in due to the size, but the instructions should be clear on how to properly place them in without too much of a fuss. Talk to your doctor if you are having problems putting your contacts in properly.

8. How To Remove Halloween Contacts?

Removing lenses is no different than taking out regular ones. Manufacturers will have an instruction sheet detailing how your eye contacts need to be taken care of. Most instructions will have you gently pinch down on the surface of your eye where the contact is and slowly pull it off. Read your instructions carefully before attempting.

9. How Long Do Contact Lenses Last?

Top-quality Halloween contacts with prescriptions last for up to an entire year. Cheap options may last for only a single day. Manufacturers will usually give you an estimate on how long their brand is able to be worn so keep an eye out for it. All contact lenses are disposable to be sure you understand how long your brand lasts before you wear them for too long. Always remember to properly take care of your contacts to help them last as long as possible.

10. How Much Do Colored Halloween Contacts Cost?

Halloween-colored contact lenses range in price from around $15.00-$80.00. Depending on how far you want to go, the prices will be higher for better quality. With Halloween contacts with non prescription, it will be on the lower end. The real money comes from the eye exam you will have to take in order to get a good quality pair of safe Halloween contact lenses. It is worth it for the safety of your eyes.

11. How Long Can I Wear Halloween Contacts?

Contact lenses that are specifically designed for Halloween are not meant to be worn the same way that regular prescription contact lenses. These accessories are disposable and you should always check how long they are meant to last before wearing them. The longest you should wear disposable contact lenses is a day. Take them out and store them properly before bed. If your contacts are able to last a while, then do this every night. Do not sleep with these accessories still in your eyes unless you have specifically prescribed extended-wear disposables. If you're someone who is serious about their costume persona then ask your eye doctor if these are right for you.

12. How to Store Your Halloween Contacts?

This greatly depends on the type of contact prescription you have. Daily disposables do not require storage as they will only be worn for a single day. These are often the cheapest choice and are still safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. Daily wear disposables are a little better and will most likely be the type of contact lens you get unless you want to dish out the big bucks for something of higher quality. these lenses are worn much like regular contact lenses. They need to be stored in regular contact solution. Extended-wear disposables don't need to be stored since they are staying on your eyes, but it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor to find out the best way to store your contacts properly.

Final Thoughts

Colored Contact lenses are a great way to add some dazzle to your Halloween costume. The quality of the product you receive is always going to matter a lot so make sure you buy responsibly. Communicate with your eye doctor about your needs and you'll be sure to keep your eyes safe and scary this Halloween. Have fun!