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About Us

Our company, Misakicon are pioneers of Misaki lenses, which is an innovative product developed based on long experience in the research of the new various contact lenses technologies that have been introduced to the markets. We strive for quality control based production facilities that enable to supply our customers with top quality products constantly.

Our technology is also available for people with high prescriptions, and those needing bifocal contact lenses who also want a custom cosmetic tint in their contacts. We take pride in providing high-quality contact lenses that guarantee to perform exceptionally.

We are continuously researching new technologies, in terms of design, manufacturing methods, bio-medical innovations, and markets’ demand to upgrade ourselves from time to time.

For people working in industries, our Plano Lenses, which are Optical Lenses with a positive focal length that are ideal for light collimation in a range of industries including industrial, pharmaceutical, robotics, or defense comes in more than handy.

With an array of so many groundbreaking contact technologies, Misakicon aims to be recognized as a world-class company.